Friday, September 19, 2014


So very recently, I was given the grand role of being the designer-in-chief or simply, the Design I/C of my committee's latest project.

I was supposed to be on medical leave, but I guess I'm a workaholic. Managed to get whatev's below done within 5 hours, from 9pm till 2am. I really do work best at night. Experiments after experiments, I came up with the following.

Fortunately, the bigger bosses up there liked my designs and were gushing about it (according to my colleague) but they thought the space between the girl's ponytail and her head looked like a telephone (for some reason, that lady gaga's song rang inside my head. no puns intended). I just needed to change that and the colours of the tickets. Black and white were too basic (and easily forge-able). So I got my machines working again.

BOOM! 24 BRAND NEW COLOUR CHOICES! 12 SETS! It's like throwing my committee members and I/C into a candy store to pick out something they fancied. Eventually, they chose one of my faves.

How d'you like 'em all? (:
(pardon the layout glitches. got 'em fixed.)

Got the printed tickets! Overexposed but whatevs.

I also did a version with the cast. Highly requested and my student wasn't skilled enough to do it, so I managed to photoshop both heads into the template on illustrator. 

This below, is a door gift for the VIP. Some of them didn't really want theirs so I get to keep one! 
The bottom one was the A0 poster that greeted the guests at the entrance. I kinda like it, heh.