Monday, November 15, 2010

Shop Little Tyttö

Ok...maybe this isn't artsy or artblog related..buttttt...
I'd like to share a link with all of you! It's called Little Tyttö!
It's an online retail outlet set up by a rather good classmate and friend of mine and myself!

We've just launched collection 2 and I promise we have loads of surprises for you guys!
For girls, it's a shopping paradise for you, I promise. As for guys, you may wanna pick out a dress or two for your loved ones or significant other for an occasion, or an anniversary, perhaps!

So come down to shop, one and all! I guarantee each piece of apparel is of good quality as they are handpicked personally by my homie and myself. (:

Thanks for taking time off to read this piece of advertorial, and have a good week ahead! (:

PSSSST! if possible, it'll be nice to have you, readers, to help us introduce this site to your friends and relatives! ;D I express my warmest thanks to you in advance ((:
*click on the banner to start shopping!*

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