Tuesday, November 16, 2010

four maxi dresses • the cafe continued

Decided to redo the identity of FMD. Couldn't do much with the coffee stain thingy. So I decided to be bold and went ahead with a brand nu idea!

The envelope and letter head front are pretty much the same, minus the coffee mug stain.

Heh heh! This is where the change comes in! Added this new visual language into the entire branding process. Love it. Well, just in case you can't find the link between the big female head and the logo, think harder!

The female head is a zoom in of the lady smoke in the logo! See the link now? ;D

Decided that consumers of the coffee place will not be so interested in contacting the people behind the coffee place. So I went ahead to do 2 name cards. One for official purposes, and one that's designed specially for the consumers, has a discount function, too! This kinda prevents the consumers from throwing the card away, I guess? Haha.

Uniform is pretty straightforward. Don't want any fancyschmancies going on.
Simplicity at its best!

Hmmm, thought we might come up with some coffee powders of our own. How d'ya like those flavours?

Well, cups wise...nothing too elaborate. Incorporated the head just for the sake of the consistency in visual language.

AHA! THE MENU! My favourite! Was drooling while writing out those yummy flavoured coffees and treats! Can't wait to get started on experimenting with my girls! Just to name a few on the list (since they are all small and stuff in the picture), we have banana choco, toffee apple, popcorn, lollipop burst flavoured coffees and caramelised tea selections! Also, also! We have the good ol' munchies like apple cinnamon pretzels, tiramisu, etc! Mmmmmm.....

Not forgetting a system to thank loyal customers, came up with the loyalty card system! Each purchase of our coffee of the day or any signature brews earns one stamp! Collect 8 and redeem a free cup of coffee and tiramisu cake!

Geez, am getting really excited here. HAHAHA. This dream seems so far away and surreal! Hopefully we'll be able to raise that much money in time to come. ;D

What do you think? You like it?
I think I might just design more items for the shop after my final year project is done in May 2011! Can't wait. This is just super exciting! Maybe I might show u sketches I did before I derive at the current visual language. Heehee. (:


here are the real life pictures of those that got printed into the actual product!

Wokies. Time to go back to work.
Till the nxt!

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