Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Self Shot by the Blond

Was just playing around with my photoshop. Suddenly, El's (a girl from my major) digital art kinda inspired me to do some digital painting. Of course, mine didn't turn out as brilliant as hers, mine was just an old school mouse digital painting. Well...enjoy!


This was the initial stage. Don't know what in the world I was doing. Just went ahead and paint whatever I felt like. Colours were picked from the swatches. Hence the limit. It started out like that...

Was kinda multi-tasking while doing this digital art, but anyhooo, after both my friends said bye to me on skype, I went on full force towards TADA! This is the end-product! Not very nice I know, hair also not very hair-like, apologies.

But the least I hope was for it to look like a human. Ha. Yeah. Oh well.
I had fun. Hahaha.

So yeah, it kinda reminded me of my kiddy times, where I used to draw girls in different dresses and clothes. The only difference is that, right now, I'm drawing with more tech-y tools. Ha. (:

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