Friday, July 31, 2009

Fonts from Chinatown - Emotional Trap


Here are pictures of the final outcome of the EMOTIONAL TRAP.


Ever wondered how fonts you see around Chinatown in Singapore can be manipulated?
Well, I had a project last year and we had a task to change the fonts of Chinatown into something awesome and different. Most importantly, something graphic-y and typo-ish.

So there, my project. (:
It's called Emotional Trap.
Stifled by the society. Unable to express oneself. He/she can only keep the anguish and the blues to oneself. The two contrasting posters are split into 4 parts and joined together to form a big picture. I'll post the hung poster photo up soon.

Picture below is not the final outcome of the 4 separated parts. But, close enough. Heh!

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