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How to Match the Tod’s D-Styling Small Satchel This Spring

Thought I'll do a fashion blog post today. Recently been into fashion and layouts, so dive into this fashion craze with me as I take you through to looks I created for Spring/Summer 2011! (:

Was looking at a few brands out there and I realise, Tod's has never failed to impress everyone with their simple and elegant Italian designs. For many years, it's been one of the top notch brands for leather products such as shoes and bags.

"The Tod’s brand is known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living; Tod’s is known in the luxury goods sector as a symbol of the perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity.

Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques, intended, after laborious reworking, to become an exclusive, recognisable, modern and practical object.

Some styles, like the Driving Shoe and the D bag, are cherished by celebrities and ordinary people worldwide, and have become icons and forerunners of a new concept of elegance, for both women and men."

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Well, recently I came across this elegant yet versatile bag on Reebonz. Thought I'll share it with you all.

The Tod's D-Styling Small Satchel is a sophisticated leather design that's finished with a subtle sheen, with a double top handles, removable shoulder strap, zipper closure, inside zip pocket, metal feet, and it's fully lined. It's good through all seasons and seems like it will never run out of fashion.

It comes in a few colours like black, beige, grey and white. But I favour the white most as it matches with any other outfits. Hey! White bags are like LBDs. Every lady should have one stored in her closet, especially during the spring season. (:

So I was looking around for spring looks that's suitable for Singapore's weather and fashionable to match with this treasure I'm recommending here. Well, I managed to find some colours of the season handpicked by designers instead! Honeysuckle is the official pantone of 2011. Designers feels that the flirtatious Honeysuckle is a feel-good hue that brings a festive sense of playfulness to this season’s palette. This vibrant pinkish-red for both apparel and cosmetics makes consumers feel alive, and is a perfect post-winter pick-me-up!

So that was what I found from the runway shows. I love the dress! Was inspired to do a look for local Office Ladies, well, since I'm about to join the workforce soon in 6 months' time, and so I came up with...

tod's d-styling small satchel, antonio berardi dress in fushia, versace dvea patent-leather platform sandals, H&M bracelets, pearl earrings & f21 sunnies

It's simple, bright and youthful, yet poised to meet with any challenges of the day. It brings out the spring elements and cheers anyone around them with the therapeutic spring colours. It somehow reminds me of floral a meadowful of flowers singing to you. Don't you think this looks a little retro, as well? Like the old-times American ladies on the streets in the 1950-60s! And note how well the Tod's satchel blended in with the outfit. It doesn't contradict with the brightness of the dress and accessories but compliments and enhance them further! Spring is becoming my favourite season already!

I'm quite into maxi dresses since the craze started as it hides my huge calves rather well. Teehee. Also, there's this flow that maxi dresses carry which gives off absolute femininity. Imagine Greek goddesses and beauty pageants.

So I saw this really chic maxi dress by Anna Sui on her Spring 2011 runway show. I'm deeply intrigue by the prints and accessories. And so I did my research on the styles and trends of spring/summer 2011. Well, tribal prints are IN. Also, bright amazon inspired prints and flora prints remain on top of the charts for fashion forward this year.

While reseraching, I saw this bright maxi dress calling out to me. I thought this could pull off as a formal or a casual outfit, depending on how you match the different possibilities!

tod's d-styling small satchel, haute hippie cropped silk-twill tuxedo jacket, slinky tribal print strapless maxi dress, roza gold gladiator slippers & ana de costa earrings

So...need I say more? The satchel completes the outfit, whether it's for the office or for a date, or even for a beach day out! It is, like what Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother would say, LEGEN....wait for it...DARY!

And so for the last look, I thought, hey, I could do a look for chilling out, since there are looks for both work and play for the day. If you remember, I did mention above that there are quite a few colours picked for spring/summer 2011, ay? Well, here are some other colours that go really well with any skin tones in my opinion: Coral Rose, Lavender and Peapod.

So with all these amazing runway pieces I found in these shades, I did my own version, for occasions like a chillin' out session, or just a simple evening date.

tod's d-styling small satchel, im-hm wool bustier, crepe harem trousers from toast, topshop lila coral bow platform sandals & betsey johnson chunky bracelet

So we have quite a bit of colours going on there, the deep and rich purple, the coral heels, the black, gold and silver...somehow it's lacking something to bring these all down togeher. The Tod's D-Styling Satchel just tones the loudness to a suitably elegant yet subtle wild level. Very very classy, whether it's for working ladies, ladies in their 20s or even ladies till their 50s! It's the youthful and wild heart that matters! *winks* you can see, the Tod's D-Styling Satchel is really worth the buy! The endless possibilities and looks you create, it just sits in right with everything, from work to play to relaxation.

Meanwhile, I hope I've enlightened someone out there with these fashion tips I found. (:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
- coco chanel

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