Saturday, March 13, 2010

Confessions of a Dieter

Hey you guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! Was damn busy with school and assignments. Anyways, I'm back with a new project! It's called "Confessions of a Dieter". If you'd visited my diet site, you'd prolly know what this is all about. Well, if you didn't know what's happening, basically I just put myself thru 3 weeks of 3 different diets. Almost died along the way. Eheehee! But well, everything turned out well! So I made this entire diet journey and process into punch cards and a book. Included other stuff in the book as well! Things like interviews of people who went thru different diets, recipes, tips on dieting, risks of dieting and even what to and not to eat while dieting! It was really an exciting journey researching on this topic! Never knew dieting could be such a big thing! Woohoo!

Had it displayed in my school's gallery.

Do you like it? Personally I thought it was fun making the book. Heh!
Well, before I end, here are some of my black possessions that I'd usually deck on me! CYA PEEPS! Will update interesting stuff soon! (;


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Mauricio Flores Penha said...

Great work! Way to go. Really enjoyed your work on site

♥jas said...

weee! thankyou! ((;