Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr. K. Thali promotes BRANDS!

Hi! Ok. So here is an update!
Did these for my Illustration class in school. The whole point is to design a character to promote a certain brand in a certain country!

I chose India and the uniqueness of the Kathakali dance as my inspiration. I worked my way through the research I'd done and found the main (hero) character rather intriguing. Hence, I used the expression, the emotions and the gestures to bring out the essence of the dance, and also of India. Chose BRANDS, because I think it's an essential for everyone, especially those individuals out there who are overworked. So I designed this character encompassing all the pointers I'd listed previously and worked my way through. With the tag line, "Even the gods need the essence to dance.", I created this poster to show the energy one BRANDS essence could do.

On top of the poster, we were required to do a souvenir/promotional item for the product. Made a book with colourful pages. Will update with the picture of the book soon. But for now, here are the pictures of the book cover!

The spread!

I had to do this sticker to top it all off!

Before I end, here're pictures of the final product of the book!

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