Wednesday, October 7, 2009


EDIT: Finally updated with the photos of my actual work! Enjoy!

Handed in my work today. Finally. My class loved the concept. I love it too. Pictures of the final piece will come later. Some of these pictures are touched up manually. So if they seem a lil unfinished, please forgive me. (: Meanwhile. Enjoy the complete story in its digital form!

Before I go, here are the processes:


Did another 3 pieces for Illustration class. This week, the theme was City/Country.
I did a bird, a piece of cowdung and a trapped person in the middle of a city life.
Awesomeness. Note the style!

So basically, these were done for my illustration class. It's supposed to have a storyline. Haha.

It's about this man who remembers this girl whom he was in love with and still is very deeply. However this girl has long gone away from him and he felt very sad and wanted a bird to fly him to a remote area so as to die quietly. He is portrayed as a clown as he thought that life's such a joke and he just wanted to die, hence the rope. The pattern on the clown shoes symbolises the ironies and twists in lives, how one moment things seem normal, and next, shit happens. Finally, the floating pink balloon symbolises the joy he once had flying away from him, forever. Leaving him sad and gloomy.

I was emo. I am emo. ):
no, not really. just thought emo links broken images together to form something workable.